Dust. It’s a signal of the old, the decrepit, the forgotten. I remember a time when it was a thin layer on an old cabinet, or a collection under a chair. Now it fills every part of my life. It collects in great drifts in streets, spilling through broken windows. In small amounts you can […]

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“What are you doing here?” He asked. With both fists on the bar, he gave her the same look he had given her every time, in the last year, that she had walked through the door. “Easy, Frank, I’m just popping by.” “Yeah, well Andy’s not here.” “I know.” She took a stool, careful not […]

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The mist was a dense soup he struggled through, clawing at his clothes and dragging him down. He pushed forward, tired as he was, focusing on the hilltop and the circle of blue above it. That morning the skies had been clear and bright; he had made good headway by the afternoon and, engaged by […]

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Over the next few weeks I’m going to be playing around with style a little, trying out different voices and techniques. I am a great fan of genre fiction, yet I’ve never really tried writing for genre. So expect to see a bit of horror, or sci-fi, maybe even a western or a detective story. […]

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“Hey, you awake?” She appeared at the door, in the sliver of light between it and the frame, her face pallid in the twilight. One arm held over his eyes, he squinted at her. “I guess I am now.” “Can I come in?” He gave a laboured sigh. “Sure,” he said, twisting back up into […]

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She watched the dust motes float and dance in the late morning sun sliding into the study. The fibres of the carpet glowed with it. The lone chair, too, facing out towards the garden. The open window let in cool air, filling up the net curtains like a summer dress on a hill side. She […]

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“Get here now.” “No, get off.” She had him by the scruff with her knotted fists, curling the wool up into thick bunches. His body wriggled, his arms flailed, his feet kicked, clear off the pavement. “What are you doing?” “You’re not getting away with this any more.” She pulled him back into the house […]

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