The night had truly settled in, having nursed the city to sleep. Windows were curtained and lights switched off. The streets were empty of cars, silent, and bathed in the muddy glow of sodium lamps. Zack stopped, balancing with one foot on the pavement and one still on the pedal. It had been hours since […]

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In Between

This was the fourth night, now, waiting out by the rear exit, in the space between buildings. She had a good view of the street from here, too, she could see them in their drab packs, moving from one confined space to another. This was a transient part of town, somewhere to pass through, to […]

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“What are you looking at?” He pulled himself out via the driver’s side window. His friend was on the roof, his hands behind his head, his eyes lost within the shadow cast by the baseball cap pulled low. “Anderson.” “Yeah, what is it?” “What’re you looking at?” He lifted himself up on to the roof […]

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“Stop doing that,” she told her, for the fifth time since they had joined the highway. “But I like how it feels.” She leaned on her shoulder, with one arm dangling out of the car window and her hair streaming in the wind. The distant mountains remained static as the plains, now golden in the […]

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Noun (plural madeleines) 1. A small gateau or sponge cake, often shaped like an elongated scallop shell. 2. Something which brings back a memory; a source of nostalgia or evocative memories (used with reference to its function in Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time). I have many notes on a story founded on […]

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First Words

“I want to go outside,” she whispered. Her hand caressed the curtain seam. Her head rested on a pillow, propped against the window sill. Her body formed a question mark on the bed. A line of cool blue highlighted the curl of her ear and the gentle edge of her jaw. He noted how it […]

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The divination of meaning through dreams. I rarely remember my dreams, even in the immediate moments after waking and when I do it is only because they produce such intense, fever inducing images that I have no choice but to. I like the idea of the dream-like in stories as a means to gain greater […]

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