She watched the dust motes float and dance in the late morning sun sliding into the study. The fibres of the carpet glowed with it. The lone chair, too, facing out towards the garden. The open window let in cool air, filling up the net curtains like a summer dress on a hill side. She […]

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“Get here now.” “No, get off.” She had him by the scruff with her knotted fists, curling the wool up into thick bunches. His body wriggled, his arms flailed, his feet kicked, clear off the pavement. “What are you doing?” “You’re not getting away with this any more.” She pulled him back into the house […]

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Main Street

“Hey, Petey.” He leaned over to the passenger side door and pushed it open. “Come on, get in.” Petey stopped where he was, holding up a hand to his brother. He finished what he was saying to his friend, in a whisper, then came over. “What’s going on?” “Thought I’d come pick you up.” “Uh-huh.” […]

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His voice trawled along at the base of his throat. “There I stood at the top of that mountain,” he said, fixing his cold blue eyes on me. “No friend left beside me. No man in sight.” The bourbon was talking now. He held up his swollen left hand with the the missing fingers. They […]

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The Last Day

Her last day in town: we spent the morning in bed, wasting it away in the best ways we could come up with. I showered first, when we decided, finally, to get up (around lunchtime). I took her back to the cafe. We ate in silence, the good kind, where words were no longer required. […]

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She wore the silk scarf, patterned with flowers, wrapped about her waist and pinned in place. It cascaded over her tanned legs and pooled on the rocks. She clutched one knee against her cheek. She remained motionless and silent throughout as the old man spoke, her brown eyes transfixed in study. A hand drew close […]

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The Old Man and the Fox

Once, as a young man, he had been lost in a forest. He had spent a full day treading between thin, skeletal trees, emerging, finally, when the moon was high. From a distance he had noticed how it turned the branches to silver. The alchemical process of turning wood into precious metal. Now, as an […]

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