“Oh God, you’re sweaty,” she said, pushing him off. He leaned in closer, hands around her hips. “Only for you babe.” “Yeah well put a shirt on first.” She extricated his hands and sat down on the torn leather sofa.  “What did you think?” He unstrapped his guitar and placed it with great care in its […]

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A simple, rhythmic jolting. Night bleeds in. From outside, we must be heads and shoulders trapped in little boxes of light. In here, though, we are dissociated shoulders and faces, voices merged.

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Bournemouth Gothic

A homeless man asks for change. The next day he asks you again, in the same place. He has a different face. A local approaches you and chats like you’re old friends. You ask how long they’ve lived here. “I don’t,” they say. “You?” You look at them blankly. You’re not from around here either. […]

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“Hey man, what’s going on with you?” Matty walked up to him, arms outstretched, blocking the whole pavement, like, ‘I’m the most important thing in the world right now’. Which is Matty always, but in this case he was doing it on purpose. “You weren’t there last night.” “Yeah I know, sorry.” “Your brother was […]

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“Midnight,” she said. “Come here.” He stared through the window, at the constellation of raindrops, his eyes following them down, then darting across as a blurred shape caught his attention. A car maybe. “Midnight.” His ears pricked up. He yawned. Something larger passed the window. His eyes widened as he pulled his head back. The […]

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Currently knee deep in the second draft of my book. I’ve cut out close to a quarter so far, maybe more; it’s difficult to tell as I’ve also been rebuilding, fleshing out. I’ve made a second pass of the first half now that I feel kind of, broadly happy with. And there’s a structure that […]

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He found her waiting at the corner by the Mayfair, the rundown hotel  that never seemed to close. In blue jeans, yellow umbrella and a stars and stripes backpack, she popped out against the dreary backdrop of grey buildings, patrons grabbing a smoke and discarded takeaway boxes. It was almost clownish, he thought, as he […]

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