Portrait of the Writer

I feel: alone.

It’s like, I’m walking through an empty plaza.

A thick mist rolls along the flagstones, obscuring an ensemble of figures, phantoms that are half there, half not. A few drift alongside, most pass by.

People as ghosts.

And if my vision is clear and the light is right and I peer close enough, features can be seen.

A scar here.

A smile there.

Hearts that beat in unison.

I ruminate on their thoughts and feelings. Are they akin to my own?

This is all scribbled down with pen and paper, so as to build a picture.

In hope that, one day,

all the ghosts

will be revealed.

GHOSTS I: Flash Fiction under 1,000 words

GHOSTS II: Short Stories over 1,000 words

You can find news on updates and occasional snippets of flash fiction on my IG. @molefetheghost

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